Digital X-ray Vs Film Radiation

At Country Dental, we are now able to offer our dental patients panoramic digital x-rays.

In this blog post we will look at digital x-rays vs. film radiation (normal x-rays) and highlight why we feel digital x-rays are better.

With normal x-ray film, radiation is used to pass through the bones, teeth and soft tissues to create dental x-ray images that must first be developed before it can be viewed. For decades these dental radiographs (x-rays) have helped dentists and orthodontists to find and diagnose cavities, bone loss, and other issues that may be affecting a patient’s teeth and oral health.

Dentistry has come a long way with many wonderful advances in dental care in recent years. One of the more significant advances in dental care is the use of digital x-ray imaging machines.

Here are a few of the reasons why Country Dental now uses a state of the art panoramic Ceph machine and the VaTech digital x-ray imaging system, model PCH-2500.

Digital X-rays Are Safer with Less Radiation

New digital x-ray imaging systems now use up to 70% less radiation than normal x-rays. Since these require a significantly lower level of radiation than traditional x-rays, it means less exposure and a much safer experience for both the patient and the dental professionals administering the digital x-rays.

Faster X-ray Images

Digital x-ray film is available for viewing immediately since it doesn’t have to be first developed like the old film x-rays.

Clearer, Higher Quality Images

With traditional x-rays, the radiologist needed to take several x-rays from different angles in order to create a composite of the patient’s teeth and jaw. The final images were not as clear since they only offered up to 25 shades of grey. With continuous panoramic digital x-ray imaging we are able to see one continuous image of the entire structure of the teeth. And, the image is clearer with up to 256 shades of grey. Everything can be seen in much greater detail including the patient’s nasal and sinus passages. The images in digital x-rays can also be computer enhanced to reveal even more information.

More Accurate History of Your Teeth

The archiving, storage, and retrieval of digital x-rays are now all done on computer and allow your dentist to keep a more accurate ongoing history of your teeth and oral health.

Improved Patient Comfort

Digital x-ray imaging is far less intrusive than conventional x-rays. The patient simply places a sensor inside the mouth that will send the digital information to a computer. There are no lead bibs to wear or uncomfortable papers to bite into, as was customary during traditional film x-rays. With our panoramic Cephalometric x-ray machine, there’s no need to insert a plate or film inside the mouth.

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