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Sometimes patients have lost teeth for a variety of reasons.  Skipping regular dental visits here at Country Dental and poor dental hygiene habits can accelerate damage to your teeth.

Permanent fixes to this problem are available in the form of dental crowns, which are fairly common treatments and the procedure to implant them is also simple.

Dental crowns are highly effective for many aspects of repairing teeth.  The size, shape, and strength of the tooth can be restored along with the original appearance.

Talking with your Cambridge, Fegus or Toronto dentist will help identify the reasons for getting a dental crown.  Discolored teeth or dental implants can be covered up.  A crown can also be used to protect a tooth from decay or to restore a broken tooth as well.

Dental bridges also use crowns to be held into place.

Step by Step Dental Crown Procedure

At Country Dental, we want to inform you about the process used in a dental crown procedure. Installing a dental crown usually takes more than one visit.

There are some types of dental crowns that are prepped and placed in a single visit, such as a CEREC crown.  Typically though, during your first visit a dentist will take a dental X-ray.  This is used to determine the extent of decay and structure of the tooth.  Sometimes a root canal will be necessary if the tooth is too decayed.  If not, the procedure can move ahead.

Your dentist will file the area around the tooth to smooth it out for an impression.  After an impression is taken of the prepared tooth and the surrounding area, a temporary dental crown is placed.  The prepared tooth is covered until a permanent dental crown is built.

During the second visit, the dentist will remove the temporary crown and place the permanent dental crown on the prepared tooth.  The fit and color will be tested and then cement is used hold the crown in place.

Crowns are made from several different materials including metals, porcelain, and ceramics.  Resins are also available for those who want a durable plastic crown.  Your dentist will discuss after-care as well to prevent further problems at this point.

Dental Crowns Cost and After-Care

Most patients are immediately concerned about the cost of a dental crown procedure.  Discuss with your dentist what will fit you physically and financially.

Some types of crowns are much more expensive than others.  Would porcelain be a better fiscal decision over getting a metal crown?  These questions are important and your dentist here at Country Dental will answer them all for you.

Be sure to properly care for your dental crowns.  Crowns do not deter tooth decay.  Brushing and flossing are still the most proactive methods to care for your teeth.  Regular visits to your dentist will also help prevent future problems.

Certain types of crowns require different care depending on the material they are made from.  A dentist may advise you to quit certain habits like grinding teeth and chewing ice to prevent future problems with crowns wearing out.

Let our dentists at Country Dental take care of your dental crowns.

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