We’ve partnered with HealthSmart Financial Services

At Country Dental, we are not only excited to have three dental clinic locations in Cambridge, Toronto and Fergus Ontario, but we are also pleased to partner with HealthSmart Financial Services to offer our patients in the Greater Toronto Area financial support.

If you do not have private dental insurance coverage through your place of work then here are four reasons to consider HealthSmart Financial Services to help offset the cost of dental treatments:

  1. Easy Application Process
  2. Quick Approval
  3. No Waiting Period
  4. Low Dental Insurance Rates

Easy to Apply

Compared to other insurance or payment plans you may have signed up for in the past, HealthSmart makes it easy to apply online for dental health coverage. Apply at your leisure at any time. Simply fill out basic personal and employment information and submit the form online and we take care of the rest.

With HealthSmart Financial Services through Country Dental, there is no waiting to find out if you are approved or not. Your dental insurance application is assessed immediately, and HealthSmart Financial Services offers instant approval both online and through the in-clinic application.

No Waiting Period – Begin Dental Treatment Today

Unlike other dental insurance plans, once you choose your payment plan through HealthSmart Financial Services and you are approved, you can start your dental treatment the very same day; there’s no need to wait.

Excellent Dental Insurance Rates

Throughout the entire process, from application to approval and usage of HealthSmart Financial Services, there is no obligation and no commitment necessary. Other borrower benefits include:

  • Excellent, affordable dental insurance rates
  • Low monthly or semi-monthly payment plans
  • Renewable credit limit (valid for one year that you and your family can use)
  • Accelerated payment options
  • Pay early with no penalty

If you have been delaying a dental procedure for financial reasons such as a root canal, bridge, crown, or even a simple filling, there’s no reason to wait any longer! Sign up for HealthSmart Financial Services, then contact one of our Country Dental clinics and bring your smile back to full health.

Book an appointment today and ask us about affordable dental insurance coverage. If you wish to speak with someone, call a Country Dental clinic near you…we serve the Greater Toronto Area:

Toronto 416-335-7377

Cambridge 519-620-7474

Fergus 519-787-7878

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We’ve partnered with HealthSmart Financial Services At Country Dental, we are not only excited to have three dental clinic locations […]

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