Discovering a missing tooth might feel like the end of the world.  At our Country Dental clinics in Cambridge and Toronto, our dentists strive to prevent any embarrassment and give you a guilt-free smile.

Naturally, we have many options to replace a missing tooth, which has many other implications beyond just a hole in a patient’s smile. A missing tooth can cause surrounding teeth to shift creating new crevices for plaque to hide in. This plaque can cause tooth decay or a possible infection down the road.

Implant dentistry is a great option for replacing a tooth.  Unlike dentures, dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone where they act to anchor replacement teeth. It looks and feels like a natural tooth. This allows dental patients to chew, speak, and smile just like they did before losing the tooth.  Most importantly, a dental implant can prevent the future erosion of bone and preserve your bite and smile, as you grow older.

Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant is not a complicated dental procedure but does usually require specialized training and coursework.  At Country Dental, we are proud to offer the in-house services of Dr. Ryan Schure, a dental specialist and Periodontist.  Dr. Schure has specialized training in the treatment planning and placement of dental implants, from simple cases to full mouth surgical restorations and smile makeovers.

Your dental implant involves the following steps:

Phase 1 – During the first step, your dentist or surgeon will drill a hole into the jawbone to place a titanium implant.  Local anesthesia will prevent pain from overwhelming the patient.  Sedation density is also available for those that are slightly worried about their pain threshold.

The gum is then secured over the dental implant.  It must remain covered until the dental implant fuses to the bone, which is a process called Osseointergration.  This can take up to three to six months to completely heal up.  Discomfort is common while the dental implant heals.

More than likely, a patient will have to return to Country Dental more than once to complete a dental implant. The dental implant is then uncovered during a later visit to your Cambridge, Fergus or Toronto dentist or surgeon.

Phase 2 – During this second phase of dental implant treatment, a post is added.  The post serves as an extension and works with the dental implant as a foundation for your new tooth.  After the gum tissue heals around the post, a crown is placed on top.  Because the dental crown is fixed to a post, the new tooth is extremely secure and should function as normal.

Conventional dental implants usually take several months to complete with several dental appointments needed.  Dental implant technology continues to change and advance every day.  New options are available including:

  • The single-visit implant
  • Nobel Teeth-In-An-Hour
  • And mini implants

Other Dental Implant Uses

Dental implants can replace a single tooth or several of them at once.  Implants can also be used to anchor a bridge or a denture into place.  Implant-supported dentures are ideal if you lose all your teeth. They provide more stability than traditional dentures. Our Cambridge, Fergus and Toronto dental offices are able to coordinate your complete oral care in house with Linda our Denturist, and Dr. Schure our specialist, working together to customize your treatment.

Dental implants and the services of our professional dentists may be fully covered by your insurance plan. We also offer convenient payment plans and 0% interest financing through HealthSmart Financial.

The overall cost of dental implants should be affordable enough for anyone to get a proper procedure done.  As always, practicing great oral hygiene goes a long way toward preventing the need for a procedure like this.  Discuss your situation with our dentists and we’ll help you understand your best options for the proper care of your new dental implants.

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