A visit to Country Dental could actually save your life.

Although rare, oral cancer is a serious, potential fatal disease that our dentists and specialists can intercept and diagnose.  In her early years of practice, Dr. Puterman was conducting a complete examination and noticed an ugly lesion in a patient’s mouth. A biopsy of the lesion was taken and the lab confirmed oral cancer. Emergency surgery was scheduled, and the cancer was removed.   This was a fortunate outcome that was only possible because of early detection.  Dentists are experts not only in teeth, but in the whole area of the body above your neck. Similar to a regular physical from your family doctor, an oral cancer screening from your dentist is necessary to monitor your overall health.

The Causes

Eighty percent of oral cancer stems from cigarette smoking and affects patients over the age of 40.  Chewing tobacco is similarly a dangerous habit that directly leads to an increased risk of oral cancer.   Smoking cessation can contribute to a decreased risk of oral cancer over time but is no guarantee. Sadly, young patients with the sexually transmitted HPV disease may also be at serious risk as well as patients with high sun exposure.

Warning Signs

The most frequent places where oral cancer is found are the tongue, the lips, the gums, the floor of the mouth, and the soft palate tissues in the back of the tongue. See us here at Country Dental in Cambridge, Fergus or Toronto and call us at 519-620-7474 or contact us online immediately if you see any of the following signs:

  • Repeated bleeding from anywhere in the mouth or throat
  • White or red patches inside the mouth or on the lips
  • Swelling, a growth, or a lump anywhere in or around the mouth or neck
  • Any sore that lasts longer than 2 weeks
  • Persistent hoarseness or a difficulty in swallowing

Preventing Oral Cancer

The best way to avoid oral cancer is to stop tobacco use in all its forms; this includes smoking as well as chewing tobacco. Watch your alcohol intake as well.  You should note that heavy drinking combined with smoking increases your risk of developing oral cancer more than 15 times as opposed to those who do not use tobacco or alcohol.  There was been research that links eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables with a lower risk of developing oral cancer.

Successful treatment depends on Early Detection

Visit your friendly dentists at Country Dental for regular checkups at least once per year. The survival rate greatly increases the earlier that oral cancer is treated. During your next visit to Country Dental, ask Dr. Puterman, Dr. Wang, or our specialists for a complete oral cancer screening.  There is no extra cost and the benefits are priceless.

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