Fluoride is a natural mineral that bonds well to the minerals that are found in the enamel of your teeth. In reference to oral hygiene it has been found to be extremely effective in both fighting tooth decay, relieve pain in decaying areas, and strengthens teeth against cavities by re-mineralizing the enamel of the tooth.

How Fluoride Works

Depending on your age, fluoride works in a multitude of ways. When used before eating it stops some of the acids from attacking the enamel of your teeth. It has a dramatic effect on the bacteria in your mouth as it tries to corrode your teeth. When fluoride is applied to the teeth, it bonds to the tooth itself and contributes to the rebuilding of tooth enamel. Once enamel is no longer growing, fluoride will no longer penetrate at such deep levels, however, it still protects the tooth surfaces from cavities as well as plaque.

Reasons You May Need a Fluoride Treatment

Have you been told you could benefit from a professional fluoride treatment? Here at Country Dental in Cambridge, Fergus, and Toronto, our dentists will advise you if a fluoride treatment is the proper course of action for your dental health.
Those who are at a higher risk for the development of cavities may be advised that a more aggressive treatment, which would include concentrated fluoride treatments, will help protect their teeth from further decay. Those at a higher risk include:

  • Patients with dry mouth symptoms
  • Patients with health problems or disease that can affect the teeth
  • Patients with cracks in the tooth enamel
  • Patients with considerable dental work or orthodontics that are hard to clean
  • Patients with exposed roots.

What to Expect During the Treatment

The professional dentists at Country Dental will first do a thorough exam. After being cleaned the teeth are “painted” with a liquid, paste, foam, or gel. Sometimes the teeth are covered with small trays filled with the fluoride compound. The fluoride is usually flavoured so there is no bad taste.

The solution is left on the teeth for just a few minutes, then the dentist or hygienist will rinse your teeth gently, and ask you to spit out any remaining solution. You will not be able to eat or drink anything, including water, for about 30 minutes afterwards. Your teeth might feel pasty or slimy but that is simply a sign that the fluoride is sticking to the teeth and is making a barrier of protection.

Although some individuals with sensitive teeth experience mild discomfort during or immediately after an application of fluoride, most people say their experience was very comfortable and pain free.

If you believe you have a moderate or high risk for dental problems, call us here at Country Dental for an appointment. Our dentists can determine if you are a good candidate for a fluoride treatment. Even if you show no problems currently, our dentists may recommend the treatment on your next cleaning and exam, to give your teeth an extra measure of protection. A professional fluoride treatment can be your best option for a healthy, beautiful smile.

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