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Tooth (and Wisdom Tooth) Extractions

Here at Country Dental, we want to make any tooth extraction as easy and painless as possible.  We realize it seems like a big procedure, but it is fairly routine.  Tooth extractions help prevent serious dental problems.  The most common type of extraction is the wisdom tooth extraction.  Other reasons for an extraction include a tooth coming in at an angle or even a broken tooth.  Removing these dangers to your overall dental health are essential to prevent problems like gum disease.  At Country Dental, our Cambridge, Fergus, and Toronto dentists prefer to try and save your natural teeth, but sometimes extractions are necessary.

Questions about Tooth Extractions

  • What is the cost?

Discuss the potential cost of a tooth extraction with a dentist.  Each case is different, but generally the more difficult to remove a tooth, the more it can cost.  An impacted wisdom tooth might cost a lot more than a loose or severely decayed tooth.  Always check out your dental insurance to see if an extraction is covered.   Payment plans are also possible.

  • Will It Hurt?

It is more than understandable that a patient would feel anxious about the pain involved with a tooth extraction.  Country Dental wants you as comfortable and worry-free as possible.  Tooth extractions are mostly straightforward procedures but are still classified as dental surgery.  Our dentists explain exactly what to expect and what methods of relief are available for the pain involved.  There are plenty of methods available to keep pain at a minimum before and after a procedure.  Country Dental is proud to offer the convenience of sleep dentistry, with treatment options ranging from oral sedation, to iv sedation to full sleep dentistry. Our dedicated medical anaesthesiologist works alongside our dentists to deliver our team approach to care.

  • What Does Extraction Involve?

Usually, these procedures only take a few minutes to complete.  Dentists usually provide a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and gums.  If you are very anxious about the pain, sedation dentistry can be used to help you remain calm.  The dentist or surgeon will rock the tooth back and forth.  Then by rotating it, the dentist widens the socket for an easier extraction.  The patient will sense a dull pressure during this time because of the numbing of pain receptors. The tooth is fully detached and the dentist covers the exposed gum with gauze.

After-Care Answers

Taking care of the area where the extraction took place is extremely important.  Your dentist will advise you to bite the gauze gently for thirty minutes to an hour after the extraction.  He may also advise gently rinsing out your mouth with water, taking an antibiotic, and to avoid smoking for 24 hours.  Certain foods and activities should be avoided for the first few days after the extraction is complete.  With proper dental care, your mouth should return to normal in a few weeks.  Watch out though and beware dry socket.  A dull, throbbing pain in the extraction site a few days after the surgery is a big warning sign.

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