Tips on How to Find A Good Dentist

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Need Help Choosing A Dentist?

Not all dental clinics are the same so in this post, our Country Dental team will offer some helpful tips on how to find a dentist to take care of all your family dental care needs.

When choosing a dentist, there are a number of things to consider including:

  • Dental Clinic Location and Convenience
  • Dental Specialists on Staff
  • Dental Treatments Offered
  • Ease of Booking A Dental Appointment
  • Dental Payment Options
  • Referrals and Recommendations from Others

Dental Clinic Location – Find A Dentist Near Me

For many dental patients, choosing a dentist often comes down to proximity. This is understandable when you consider that an average family will need to book multiple dental appointments throughout the year. In many cases, depending on the dental procedure, an individual may even require several follow up dental appointments. This can make travel time an important consideration when choosing a dentist.

Country Dental now has three dental clinic locations to serve you including in Cambridge,  Toronto, and Fergus Ontario.

How to Find A Dental Specialist

As with any business, dental clinics can vary in size and services offered. Our Country Dental clinics offer complete family dental care and include the following dental specialties:

  • General/Family Dentist – specializing in preventative and restorative oral care (dental exams, x-rays, teeth cleaning, etc.)
  • Pediatric Dentist – specializing in the treatment of children from infants to teenagers. We can help with your child’s first dental visit.
  • Orthodontist – specializing in correcting a patient’s bite including jaw and teeth alignment.
  • Periodontist – specializing in diagnosing, treating, and preventing problems with gums and supporting structures.
  • Endodontist – specializing in the soft inner part of the tooth and below the gum line (also performs root canals).
  • Dental Anesthesiologist – specializing in pain management using general and local anesthetics.

Our professional dental care team not only has years of experience and expertise, but they also continually upgrade their training by attending conferences, seminars, and continued dental education courses. Our goal is to offer our dental patients the latest, most advanced treatment procedures.

Dental Treatments Offered

Another consideration in how to find a dentist is to look at the dental treatments offered. With a full roster of dental specialists on staff, Country Dental is able to offer a full range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services including among others:

Dental BondingBridges, Crowns & Caps
Dental ImplantsDental Sealants
Porcelain VeneersOrthodontic Braces
Fluoride TreatmentsFull & Partial Dentures
Mouth GuardsOral Cancer Screenings
Dental SealantsDental Sedation

Ease of Booking A Dentist Appointment

When trying to decide how to find a dentist, take a close look at how easy it is to book a dental appointment. Are you able to book an appointment online or outside regular clinic hours? At Country Dental, not only can you book a dental appointment online, but we also offer a 24-hour emergency line to ensure you get the dental treatment you need…when you need it.

Dental Payment Options

We understand that not everyone will have private dental insurance. That’s why, at Country Dental, we now offer affordable dental financing through PayBright (formerly HealthSmart Financial Services). Our mandate is to provide our dental patients with low dental insurance rates with no waiting period and quick approvals. It’s now easier than ever to apply for affordable dental health coverage online.

Referrals & Recommendations from Others

We also encourage you to ask around when trying to decide how to find a dentist. Your friends, family, and co-workers will always have your best interests in mind when recommending a dentist they trust. When trying to find a dentist online, be sure to compare the dental clinics that interest you and check out their Google reviews. The Canadian Dental Association also has more on this topic on their Dental Care FAQs page.

Contact Country Dental

Prevention is the best way to take care of your teeth, gums, and oral health. Our team of dental specialists take your oral health very seriously and will do whatever we can to help you.

If you have any questions about how to find a dentist or if you would like to learn more about our Country Dental clinics, please call the clinic nearest you:

Toronto:   416-335-7377
Cambridge:   519-620-7474
Fergus:   519-787-7878