Thanksgiving at Country Dental

Reception at Country Dental & Kid's Dental clinic


Thanksgiving at Country Dental is always busy. For some reason family dinners around the holidays are a magnet for dental emergencies.  These are the dinners you look forward  to for weeks and months, the soup, the turkey, the stuffing, the potatoes, the pie…oh the pie…It is just the absolute worse timing to lie in bed the night before in dental pain.

Most offices close early on Friday, close the weekend and then close the Monday.   Emergency room waits are hours long and you just know you’ll miss everything.  We designed our Thanksgiving at Country Dental to truly serve the local Cambridge Kitchener Waterloo community. Today, we blocked off a few hours and proudly saved a few Thanksgiving diners (and dinners).

Our commitment to Cambridge to be open seven days a week means that sitting and waiting in pain is no longer necessary. We understand it isn’t easy to take a day off work to visit the dentist. We understand the path of least resistance to live with the pain and wait until it goes away.  The clinical issue is that when your body is telling you something is wrong and you ignore it, the consequences can be serious.

One of our Thanksgiving patients had waited in pain since Friday. He’s a tough guy. Not a complainer.  But as a result of his toughness, pain was tracking up from his mouth towards his eye. A clinical sign of infection.  I was so happy he came to the office and we were able to help.  Best of all, he was home in time for dinner!