Dental FAQs

Financing FAQs

How do I switch my family to Country Dental?

Please call our dental clinic 24 hours a day at 519-620-7474 in Cambridge or at 416-335-7377 in Toronto, or you can e-mail Our staff will take care of the rest including contacting your previous office to request recent dental x-rays and your family physician in the event of medical concerns with treatment.

How does direct billing to my insurance work?

Country Dental is proud to offer our Cambridge and Toronto ON dental patients who have confirmed dental insurance the ability to use their coverage immediately at an appointment. Please make sure to give our dental staff your primary and secondary insurance plan number, breakdown, and remaining annual coverage, and we can save you from paying out of pocket and waiting for a reimbursement cheque.

Why do you have a Medical Anaesthesiologist at a dental office?

We want to offer the highest standard of dental care for our patients. We want the dentists at our Fergus, Toronto and Cambridge dental clinics to focus on dentistry. Our office engages a medical anaesthesiologist and dedicated nurse for all sleep dentistry procedures. Country Dental designed a full surgical suite and recovery room with direct exit access in the event of an emergency. Patient safety comes first at our Country Dental clinics.

Are dental payment plans available?

Country Dental is committed to creating spectacular dental results. To help our patients, we offer 0% interest dental financing through PayBright.

Our Location

Visit our location in Fergus today. Your dental health is very important to us! Book now for services ranging from orthodontics to general oral care.