Visiting A Children’s Dentist

Kid’s dental care is important but bringing your child to a children’s dentist can be an anxious and difficult experience, especially if it’s your child’s first time.

At Country Dental, our pediatric dentists have experience with children and education in child psychology. They know how to treat your child to ensure they are calm and have an enjoyable experience.

Children’s dental care begins at an early age. Monitoring your child’s dental health is a priority. It is always recommended that you take your child to see a pediatric dentist at the first sign of a child’s first tooth.

At Country Dental, we know that for a young boy or girl, children’s dental care can be cause for trepidation. However, with years of experience in pediatric dentistry, dealing with hundreds of young patients, our children’s dentist will cater to your child’s needs, ensuring that the dental care they receive is comfortable, friendly, and enjoyable.

During the 1970s, only about 50% of Canadians regularly visited a dentist. By 2010, that number increased to about 75%. In that 40-year period, the improvements in dental health have been dramatic in Canada.

According to a Canadian Dental Association Report:

  •  Annual visits to the dentist per year increased from 49.5% up to 74.5%
  • œ Adults with no natural teeth decreased from 23.6% to just 6.4%
  • œ Children with at least one decayed tooth decreased from 74% down to 23.6%
  • œ Adolescents with at least one decayed tooth decreased from 96.6% down to 58.8%
  • œ The average number of decayed, missing, or filled teeth (per child) decreased from 6 down to 2.5

Kids of all ages should visit their children’s dentist at least once a year (and perhaps more if necessary). For more information about dental care for your child, contact one of our three Ontario dental clinics;

Toronto: 416-335-7377

Cambridge: 519-620-7474

Fergus: 519-787-7878

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Children’s Dental Emergencies

Is your child having a dental emergency? Our in-house children’s dental care specialists are available to assist with knocked out teeth, broken teeth, dislodged teeth, and severe tooth pain. With 24-hr dental emergency services at our Toronto, Cambridge, and Fergus locations, we are available to assist you when your child needs it most.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Country Dental’s pediatric dentists are well equipped to deal with children, whether it is there first time to the dentist or tenth time. Our children’s dental care professionals are here for your child, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable dental environment.

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Professional Dental Cleaning

Oral care is an important factor in your child’s daily living. Not only is it important for keeping your child’s smile white (and breath smelling fresh), children’s dental care can also prevent nasty gum diseases and oral complications. It is recommended you see take your child to a dentist at least twice a year for teeth cleaning.

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Orthodontic Dental Care

Not everyone is born with perfect teeth. That is why our in-house orthodontists treat each client specifically so your smile will shine. We offer children’s dental care 7 days a week so we are very accessible for the dental needs of your child.

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Stages of Child Development

Infant Dental Care

Children’s dental care for infants should happen almost immediately after birth. Plaque and bacteria will begin to collect on an infant’s gums after feeding. Ensure that your child’s food intake is monitored and that you clean your baby’s gums on a regular basis to avoid gum disease.

Toddler Dental Care

During the toddler years is when your child’s baby teeth will start to grow in. This is also a fundamental stage for children’s dental care for toddlers, especially for learning to brush and floss their teeth. Teaching your child how to maintain tooth health by advising against sweets is advantageous during this critical time.

Adolescent Dentistry

This critical point of children’s dental care and knowledge is when your child will lose their baby teeth and have their permanent teeth grow in.  This is when proper oral care habits must be set in stone, such as brushing and flossing in the morning and evening.

Teen Dental Care

The teen years of a child’s tooth development can be a time where a teen must monitor their teeth very attentively. This is also the time when they determine whether they have tooth issues such as uneven teeth, overbite’s, underbite’s, and crossbite’s.

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