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Our Country Dental staff, including dentists, hygienists, and oral care specialists are very proud to serve you at three convenient locations in Southern Ontario including our Fergus dental clinic. We also now offer our clients “dental financing” through PayBright. You will find that our staff at Country Dental is always courteous and professional, and will ensure that your dental care visit is comfortable and friendly. With extensive years of experience and customer satisfaction, our team of dentists and hygienists guarantee you will leave with a smile.


Country Dental Clinic in Fergus ON

Our Team

Dr. Albana Rama

Dr.Albana Rama has been working as a general dentist for more than a decade. She enrolled at University of Aristotle in Greece, Faculty of Dentistry and School of High Combat Forces, where she graduated with Honors in 2002. The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Aristotle University offered her a two year Post graduate degree.

Upon graduation she completed her hands on Training at the Military Hospital in Athens, Head of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery in 2004.She has served the NATO Forces since then, including her Country of origin, Albania. Dr Rama came to Canada in 2008.

During these years she has been working for Toronto Public Health, East Toronto General Hospital, Sick Kids Hospital, George Brown College, Pediatric Dentistry, and general dentistry in Toronto and GTA. While taking the National Canadian Dental Examining Board, Dr Rama was offered acceptance at Manitoba University, Faculty of Dentistry in 2017. She continues to upgrade her knowledge and skills every year by being a member of AAID, AACD, ODA, GDA, CDA Toronto Club of Crown and Bridges, GIDE Institute, IDEA Institute, as well as being part of Master Classes provided by the above Institutions.

Dr. Rama is a firm believer that great dentistry can be provided through passion. She is an advocate for women’s power in the dental field and their contribution and values towards this profession. When it comes to her family, she uses the same principles and values, nourishing her young daughters to become best advocates for social needs and community. She also enjoys traveling with her family and learning new cultures and languages. Dr.Rama speaks fluently Greek, Italian, French, Albanian, Spanish and understands Portuguese well.



Sagarkumar (Also goes by Patel) is a very fun, calm, patient and very energetic hygienist. He is always eager to meet new faces everyday in the clinic. His dream to become a Registered Dental Hygienist started when he was in elementary school and his passion continued to grow ever since then. Patel has worked at various dental clinics to gain as much experience as possible and provide the best treatment for our patients.

Patel is skilled in treating patients with special needs & medical conditions, toddlers, young patients and patients with all age groups allowing them to have a great experience at Country Dental Fergus. In case you feel anxious or have dental anxiety, Patel is just the right guy to make you feel comfortable and have a great experience throughout the treatment with the services he provides you.  In his spare time, he loves traveling, exploring new places, going for a long drive and trying out different foods. On the side, Patel also loves working on cars and hopes to be a car collector one day in future.


Ortho/Restorative Hygienist

Gaye has been a Restorative Dental Hygienist for over 20 years. She is very passionate about dentistry and making people smile! Gaye has been working at Country Dental since 2021. She also works as an ortho hygienist for our office. Gaye is very friendly, cheerful and outgoing. She will always make you feel comfortable and is very good with nervous patients.

Gaye is very experienced in ortho & restorative dental procedures. She is always willing to go over all treatment that will be completed at your appointment with you. If there is anything you don’t understand about your ortho or restorative treatment she is there and eager to explain everything to her patients.

During her time away from work she enjoys spending time with her two children, also going for runs & hikes to keep active!


Ortho/Restorative Hygienist



Alyssa Buchanan

Office Manager

Alyssa Buchanan has been working at Country Dental since 2016. After graduating from Center Wellington High School, she was admitted to McMaster University, Nursing Program and Conestoga College Pre-Health Sciences.

Upon completion she was offered the position at Country Dental and since then she has been dedicated to learning and growth. In 2021 she was promoted as Office Manager. Alyssa has been committed to serve our growing community in Fergus since day one. In her free time, sports and traveling is her passion.





Dr. Bahvna Sharma


Dr.​ ​Sharma​ ​is​ ​a​ ​certified​ ​specialist​ ​in​ ​Orthodontics​ ​and​ ​Dentofacial​ ​Orthopedics,​ ​with over 10 years of experience in dentistry.

Dr.​ ​Sharma​ ​loves​ ​working​ ​with​ ​patients​ ​of​ ​all​ ​ages​ ​and​ ​is​ ​passionate​ ​about​ ​creating​ ​a​ ​more​ ​beautiful, confident​ ​smile.​ ​She​ ​is​ ​committed​ ​to​ ​staying​ ​updated​ ​with​ ​the​ ​latest​ ​in​ ​dentistry​ ​and​ ​Orthodontics​ ​and​ ​is a ​Fellow​ ​of the​ ​Royal​ ​College​ ​of​ ​Dentists​ ​of​ ​Canada, an​ ​active​ ​member​ ​of​ ​​the​ ​Ontario​ ​Association​ ​of​ ​Orthodontics,​ ​the​ ​Ontario​ ​Dental​ ​Association,​ ​the​ ​American​ ​Association​ ​of​ ​Orthodontics,​ ​and​ ​the​ ​Royal​ ​College​ ​of Dental​ ​Surgeons​ ​of​ ​Ontario.

In​ ​her​ ​free​ ​time,​ ​she​ ​enjoys​ ​travelling,​ ​reading​ ​and​ ​spending​ ​time​ ​with​ ​her​ ​7-year-old​ ​son​ ​and​ ​family.

Note: This information is provided solely for Canadians residing in the province of Ontario.

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