Custom Sports Mouth Guard Dentist

A sports mouth guard dentist can custom design and fit a sports mouth guard for teeth to help prevent teeth injuries.

Each year, over 200,000 mouth injuries are successfully prevented because a custom sports mouth guard was being worn by participants.

However, did you know that each year in North America:

  • Almost 70 percent of children are involved in some type of organized sport
  • And nearly 5,000,000 (yes, million!) teeth are knocked out, chipped, or damaged!

Most of these teeth injuries could have been prevented by wearing a sports guard for teeth made by a dentist.

How Good Are Store Bought Sports Guards for Teeth?

Most sporting goods stores do sell protective mouth guards. While they are better than not wearing anything at all, they don’t offer the same level of protection. These over-the-counter mouth guards cannot be altered in any way. In essence, they force you to keep your teeth clamped tight in order for them to work.

A sports mouth guard dentist starts by making an exact duplicate of the teeth inside of your mouth. He then makes a customized guard that will stay in place without the need for clenching your teeth. Also, the shape and size of your mouth, teeth, and jaw are quite different from other people. Only a custom sports mouth guard can offer the level of protection you need when playing sports.

It doesn’t matter what type of sport you or your child are involved in, whether it’s hockey, soccer, baseball, or tennis; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, be prepared. Make sure that you and your child are adequately protected by wearing a properlty fitted mouth guard during any physical sport.

Ask your dentist about having a custom sports mouth guard made specifically for you. It can save you from costly, not to mention painful, future injuries. As well, it can be made in a multitude of colors and designs. This will make it almost impossible to confuse your mouth guard with another person’s mouth guard when you are in the locker room.

How Well Does A Custom Sports Mouth Guard Work?

A custom sports mouth guard acts as a type of shock absorber inside your mouth. It protects your teeth from blows or the excessive force that can occur when playing sports. It will also help protect your brain from a concussion should you receive a hit on the lower jaw. This is one of the main reasons professional athletes wear custom sports mouth guards.

A well-made custom mouth guard will adapt well to your upper teeth and gums. It will stay in place even if you are breathing heavily or speaking. There are several design options and the dentists at Country Dental will be happy to help you select the one that is just right for you.

What You Can Expect

  Getting a custom made sports guard for teeth is a quick, easy, and painless procedure. It will require two appointments, each lasting approximately 20 minutes.

  • At your first appointment the dentist will make an impression of your teeth. This is so your mouth guard will fit your individual teeth and mouth. This will take about 15 minutes. Before you leave be sure you tell the dentist what color you would like your custom mouth guard to be, or if you would prefer clear.
  • At your second appointment you will be coming to pick up your custom sports mouth guard! Your dentist will want to double check that the mouth guard fits properly and feels completely comfortable.

Like most things, mouth guards can wear out. Check your mouth guard regularly and let your dentist know if you see any signs of wear such as cracks or missing pieces, or if your mouth guard no longer seems to fit well.

Visit this American Dental Association page to read more about how mouth guards have helped to reduce the risk of sport-related dental injuries.

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Let us help you protect your beautiful smile.

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